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Tuesday June 18, 2019

Jun 18 	Evacuation Day in Egypt
Jun 18 	Queen's Birthday in Fiji
Jun 18 	Paul McCartney born in Liverpool, England, 1942
Jun 18 	Richard Rogers is born in Long Island, New York, 1902
Jun 18 	Winston Churchill delivers his "Finest Hour" speech, 1940
Jun 19 	Emancipation Day in Texas
Jun 19 	Labor Day in Trinidad, Tobago
Jun 19 	Revolution Day in Algeria
Jun 19 	Artigas Birthday in Uruguay
Jun 19 	X Window System announced, 1984
Jun 19 	FreeBSD project born, 1993
Jun 19 	Lizzie Borden acquitted, 1893
Jun 19 	Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed in Sing-Sing prison, 1953
Jun 19 	Start of a bus boycott protesting discrimination,
	Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1953

Fortune's Real-Life Courtroom Quote #3:

Q:  When he went, had you gone and had she, if she wanted to and were
    able, for the time being excluding all the restraints on her not to
    go, gone also, would he have brought you, meaning you and she, with
    him to the station?
MR. BROOKS:  Objection.  That question should be taken out and shot.

Discordian:  Today is Prickle-Prickle,the 23rd day of Confusion in the YOLD 3185

On Tuesday 2019-6-18 at San Francisco, CA 94109 (37N47 122W25)
Time of sunrise is  5:47 am PDT
Time of sunset  is  8:34 pm PDT
(See Planetary Hours for more locations)

Ephemeris Times are PDT (GMT-0700)
(Mon) Jun 17 2019  1:30am     Sun (Gem) Opp (Sag) Moon (Full Moon)
(Mon) Jun 17 2019  9:12am    Moon (Sag) --> Capricorn
(Mon) Jun 17 2019  7:29pm    Moon (Cap) Tri (Tau) Uranus
(Mon) Jun 17 2019  8:05pm    Moon (Cap) Squ (Ari) Chiron
(Mon) Jun 17 2019  9:55pm    Moon (Cap) Qui (Pis) Neptune
(Tue) Jun 18 2019  4:46am  Saturn [Cap] Sex (Pis) Neptune
(Tue) Jun 18 2019  7:16am    Moon (Cap) Inc (Gem) Venus
(Tue) Jun 18 2019  7:23am   Venus (Gem) BQn [Cap] S.Node
(Tue) Jun 18 2019  9:04am Mercury (Can) Con (Can) Mars
(Tue) Jun 18 2019  6:50pm    Moon (Cap) Con [Cap] S.Node
(Tue) Jun 18 2019  8:05pm    Moon (Cap) BQn (Gem) Venus
(Tue) Jun 18 2019  8:53pm    Moon (Cap) Con [Cap] Saturn
(Tue) Jun 18 2019  8:58pm    Moon (Cap) Sex (Pis) Neptune
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  3:21am    Moon (Cap) Opp (Can) Mars
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  3:46am   Venus (Gem) BQn [Cap] Saturn
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  3:55am Mercury (Can) Opp [Cap] Pluto
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  4:16am    Moon (Cap) Con [Cap] Pluto
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  4:18am    Moon (Cap) Opp (Can) Mercury
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  6:48am    Moon (Cap) Qui (Ari) Chiron
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  3:47pm     Sun (Gem) Inc (Cap) Moon
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  7:00pm    Moon (Cap) --> Aquarius
(Wed) Jun 19 2019  8:25pm    Mars (Can) Opp [Cap] Pluto
(Thu) Jun 20 2019  4:38am     Sun (Gem) BQn (Aqu) Moon
(Thu) Jun 20 2019  5:55am    Moon (Aqu) Squ (Tau) Uranus
(Thu) Jun 20 2019  6:27am    Moon (Aqu) Sex (Ari) Chiron
(Thu) Jun 20 2019  3:11pm Mercury (Can) BQn [Sag] Jupiter
(Fri) Jun 21 2019 12:41am    Moon (Aqu) Tri (Gem) Venus
(Fri) Jun 21 2019  6:07am    Moon (Aqu) Inc [Can] Node
(Fri) Jun 21 2019  7:01am    Moon (Aqu) Sex [Sag] Jupiter
(Fri) Jun 21 2019  7:35am Neptune [Pis] S/R
(Fri) Jun 21 2019  8:53am     Sun (Gem) --> Cancer (Summer Solstice)
(Fri) Jun 21 2019  6:04pm    Moon (Aqu) Qui (Tau) Uranus
(Fri) Jun 21 2019  6:13pm    Moon (Aqu) BQn [Can] Node
(Fri) Jun 21 2019  6:15pm    Moon (Aqu) Inc (Can) Mars
(Fri) Jun 21 2019 10:05pm    Moon (Aqu) Inc (Can) Mercury

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