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Saturday June 12, 2021

Jun 12 	Independence Day in Philippines
Jun 12*	Queen's Birthday in the United Kingdom
Jun 12 	Peace with Bolivia in Paraguay
Jun 12 	John Ireland dies, 1962
Jun 12 	Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in prison, 1964
Jun 13 	Corrective Movement in Yemen Arab Republic
Jun 13 	Nez Perce War in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana 1877
Jun 13 	Carlos Chavez is born in Popotla, Mexico, 1899
Jun 13 	Much of Vancouver, British Columbia, is devastated by a fire, 1886

Every four seconds a woman has a baby.  Our problem is to find this
woman and stop her.

Discordian:  Today is Pungenday,the 17th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3187

On Saturday 2021-6-12 at San Francisco, CA 94109 (37N47 122W25)
Time of sunrise is  5:47 am PDT
Time of sunset  is  8:32 pm PDT
(See Planetary Hours for more locations)

Ephemeris Times are PDT (GMT-0700)
(Fri) Jun 11 2021 12:22am    Moon (Gem) --> Cancer
(Fri) Jun 11 2021  2:07am   Venus (Can) Inc [Sag] S.Node
(Fri) Jun 11 2021  4:27am    Moon (Can) Tri (Pis) Jupiter
(Fri) Jun 11 2021  6:33am    Mars (Can) --> Leo
(Fri) Jun 11 2021  2:44pm    Moon (Can) BQn [Aqu] Saturn
(Fri) Jun 11 2021  9:45pm    Moon (Can) Inc [Sag] S.Node
(Fri) Jun 11 2021 11:58pm    Moon (Can) Con (Can) Venus
(Sat) Jun 12 2021  1:06am    Moon (Can) Squ (Ari) Chiron
(Sat) Jun 12 2021  2:10am    Moon (Can) Sex (Tau) Uranus
(Sat) Jun 12 2021  2:34am    Moon (Can) Inc [Aqu] Saturn
(Sat) Jun 12 2021  9:33am    Moon (Can) BQn [Sag] S.Node
(Sat) Jun 12 2021 11:28am   Venus (Can) Squ (Ari) Chiron
(Sat) Jun 12 2021 10:05pm    Moon (Can) Tri (Pis) Neptune
(Sat) Jun 12 2021 10:37pm   Venus (Can) Sex (Tau) Uranus
(Sun) Jun 13 2021  1:14am   Venus (Can) Inc [Aqu] Saturn
(Sun) Jun 13 2021  1:45am    Moon (Can) Qui (Tau) Uranus
(Sun) Jun 13 2021  3:49am    Moon (Can) BQn (Pis) Jupiter
(Sun) Jun 13 2021  4:15am    Moon (Can) Opp [Cap] Pluto
(Sun) Jun 13 2021 11:22am    Moon (Can) --> Leo
(Sun) Jun 13 2021  2:07pm    Moon (Leo) Con (Leo) Mars
(Sun) Jun 13 2021  3:26pm    Moon (Leo) Inc (Pis) Jupiter
(Sun) Jun 13 2021  4:39pm     Sun (Gem) Squ (Pis) Neptune
(Mon) Jun 14 2021  7:52am    Moon (Leo) Tri [Sag] S.Node
(Mon) Jun 14 2021 11:20am    Moon (Leo) Tri (Ari) Chiron
(Mon) Jun 14 2021 12:27pm    Moon (Leo) Squ (Tau) Uranus
(Mon) Jun 14 2021 12:27pm    Moon (Leo) Opp [Aqu] Saturn
(Mon) Jun 14 2021  3:00pm  Saturn [Aqu] Squ (Tau) Uranus
(Mon) Jun 14 2021  5:38pm    Mars (Leo) Inc (Pis) Jupiter
(Mon) Jun 14 2021  8:07pm    Moon (Leo) BQn (Pis) Neptune
(Mon) Jun 14 2021  9:57pm    Moon (Leo) Sex [Gem] Mercury
(Tue) Jun 15 2021  3:13am     Sun (Gem) Qui (Ari) Chiron
(Tue) Jun 15 2021  6:25am    Moon (Leo) Qui [Gem] Node
(Tue) Jun 15 2021  7:22am    Moon (Leo) Inc (Pis) Neptune
(Tue) Jun 15 2021 10:26am     Sun (Gem) Sex (Leo) Moon
(Tue) Jun 15 2021  1:09pm    Moon (Leo) Inc [Cap] Pluto
(Tue) Jun 15 2021  7:32pm    Moon (Leo) Qui [Gem] Mercury
(Tue) Jun 15 2021  8:01pm    Moon (Leo) --> Virgo
(Tue) Jun 15 2021  9:54pm   Venus (Can) BQn [Sag] S.Node
(Tue) Jun 15 2021 11:59pm    Moon (Vir) Opp (Pis) Jupiter

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