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Wednesday November 22, 2017

Nov 22 	Independence Day in Lebanon
Nov 22 	Anniversary of Portuguese Aggression in Guinea
Nov 22 	Benjamin Britten is born, 1913
Nov 22 	Barnardo Pasquini dies in Rome, 1710
Nov 22 	John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas, 1963
Nov 22 	Kennedy shot in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald, 1963
Nov 23 	Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan
Nov 23 	Rudolf Maister Day in Slovenia
Nov 23*	Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November)
Nov 23 	Thomas Tallis dies, 1585
Nov 23 	The first edition of Life is published. 1936
Nov 23 	First broadcast of Dr. Who (longest running TV series), 1963

Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human.  At best he
is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe and not
make messes in the house.
		-- Lazarus Long, "Time Enough for Love"

Discordian:  Today is Sweetmorn,the 34th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3183

On Wednesday 2017-11-22 at San Francisco, CA 94109 (37N47 122W25)
Time of sunrise is  6:57 am PST
Time of sunset  is  4:54 pm PST
(See Planetary Hours for more locations)

Ephemeris Times are PST (GMT-0800)
(Tue) Nov 21 2017 12:34am    Moon (Cap) Qui (Lib) Mars
(Tue) Nov 21 2017  3:28am   Venus (Sco) Sex (Cap) Pluto
(Tue) Nov 21 2017  2:58pm   Venus (Sco) Squ [Leo] Node
(Tue) Nov 21 2017  5:56pm    Moon (Cap) Sex (Sco) Jupiter
(Tue) Nov 21 2017  7:04pm     Sun (Sco) --> Sagittarius
(Tue) Nov 21 2017 10:32pm    Moon (Cap) Sex [Pis] Neptune
(Tue) Nov 21 2017 11:50pm    Moon (Cap) BQn [Leo] Node
(Wed) Nov 22 2017 12:25am    Moon (Cap) Qui [Pis] Chiron
(Wed) Nov 22 2017  6:20am Neptune (Pis) S/D
(Wed) Nov 22 2017 10:59am    Moon (Cap) Con (Cap) Pluto
(Wed) Nov 22 2017 11:57am    Moon (Cap) Inc [Leo] Node
(Wed) Nov 22 2017  2:40pm    Moon (Cap) Sex (Sco) Venus
(Wed) Nov 22 2017  3:16pm    Moon (Cap) Squ (Lib) Mars
(Wed) Nov 22 2017  6:49pm    Moon (Cap) Qui (Sco) Jupiter
(Thu) Nov 23 2017 12:14am     Sun (Sag) BQn [Ari] Uranus
(Thu) Nov 23 2017 12:49am    Moon (Cap) Sex [Pis] Chiron
(Thu) Nov 23 2017  2:32am    Moon (Cap) Squ [Ari] Uranus
(Thu) Nov 23 2017 12:13pm    Moon (Cap) --> Aquarius
(Thu) Nov 23 2017  4:04pm     Sun (Sag) Sex (Aqu) Moon
(Thu) Nov 23 2017  5:56pm    Moon (Aqu) Qui (Sco) Venus
(Fri) Nov 24 2017  6:53am Mercury (Sag) Squ [Pis] Chiron
(Fri) Nov 24 2017  7:55am    Moon (Aqu) Squ (Sco) Jupiter
(Fri) Nov 24 2017  2:48pm    Moon (Aqu) Qui [Ari] Uranus
(Fri) Nov 24 2017  6:27pm     Sun (Sag) Qui (Aqu) Moon
(Sat) Nov 25 2017 12:22am    Moon (Aqu) Con [Aqu] S.Node
(Sat) Nov 25 2017  2:55am Mercury (Sag) Tri [Ari] Uranus
(Sat) Nov 25 2017  7:05am    Moon (Aqu) Tri (Lib) Mars
(Sat) Nov 25 2017 10:11am    Moon (Aqu) Squ (Sco) Venus
(Sat) Nov 25 2017  2:34pm    Moon (Aqu) Sex [Ari] Uranus
(Sat) Nov 25 2017  3:31pm    Moon (Aqu) Sex (Sag) Mercury
(Sat) Nov 25 2017  6:36pm    Moon (Aqu) Sex (Sag) Saturn

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