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Sunday October 24, 2021

Oct 24 	Independence Day in Zambia
Oct 24 	United Nations Day
Oct 24 	Luciano Berio is born, 1925
Oct 24 	Alessandro Scarlatti dies in Naples, 1725
Oct 24 	Founding of the United Nations, 1945
Oct 25 	Taiwan Restoration Day in Taiwan
Oct 25 	Pablo Picasso born in Malaga, Spain, 1881
Oct 25 	DEC announces VAX-11/780, 1977
Oct 25 	Jon Anderson (Yes) is born in Lancashire, England, 1944
Oct 25 	The Rolling Stones appear on The Ed Sullivan Show, 1964
Oct 25 	Georges Bizet is born, 1838
Oct 25 	Johann Strauss II, "The Waltz King", is born in Vienna, 1825
Oct 25 	The UN removes Taiwan and admits the People's Republic of China, 1971

When properly administered, vacations do not diminish productivity:
for every week you're away and get nothing done, there's another when
your boss is away and you get twice as much done.
		-- Daniel B. Luten

Discordian:  Today is Boomtime,the 5th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3187
Celebrate Maladay

On Sunday 2021-10-24 at San Francisco, CA 94109 (37N47 122W25)
Time of sunrise is  7:27 am PDT
Time of sunset  is  6:20 pm PDT
(See Planetary Hours for more locations)

Ephemeris Times are PDT (GMT-0700)
(Sat) Oct 23 2021 12:56am    Moon (Tau) --> Gemini
(Sat) Oct 23 2021  1:13am     Sun (Sco) Inc (Gem) Moon
(Sat) Oct 23 2021  3:23am    Moon (Gem) BQn (Lib) Mars
(Sat) Oct 23 2021  4:47am    Moon (Gem) Con [Gem] Node
(Sat) Oct 23 2021  6:38am    Moon (Gem) Qui [Pis] Neptune
(Sat) Oct 23 2021  2:31pm     Sun (Sco) BQn (Gem) Moon
(Sat) Oct 23 2021  3:11pm    Moon (Gem) Tri (Aqu) Saturn
(Sat) Oct 23 2021  8:45pm    Moon (Gem) Sex [Ari] Chiron
(Sun) Oct 24 2021  3:16am    Moon (Gem) Tri (Lib) Mercury
(Sun) Oct 24 2021  4:33am    Mars (Lib) BQn [Gem] Node
(Sun) Oct 24 2021 10:44am Mercury (Lib) Inc [Tau] Uranus
(Sun) Oct 24 2021  2:21pm    Moon (Gem) BQn (Cap) Pluto
(Sun) Oct 24 2021  2:41pm    Moon (Gem) Opp (Sag) Venus
(Sun) Oct 24 2021  7:13pm    Moon (Gem) Squ [Pis] Neptune
(Sun) Oct 24 2021  8:10pm     Sun (Sco) Inc [Gem] Node
(Sun) Oct 24 2021  9:07pm    Moon (Gem) Qui [Ari] Chiron
(Sun) Oct 24 2021 10:32pm    Moon (Gem) Tri (Aqu) Jupiter
(Mon) Oct 25 2021  2:36am    Moon (Gem) Inc (Cap) Pluto
(Mon) Oct 25 2021  6:00am   Venus (Sag) BQn [Tau] Uranus
(Mon) Oct 25 2021  7:10am    Moon (Gem) Tri (Lib) Mars
(Mon) Oct 25 2021 11:28am    Mars (Lib) BQn [Pis] Neptune
(Mon) Oct 25 2021  1:59pm    Moon (Gem) --> Cancer
(Mon) Oct 25 2021  4:09pm    Moon (Can) BQn (Aqu) Saturn
(Mon) Oct 25 2021  5:57pm    Moon (Can) Inc [Sag] S.Node
(Mon) Oct 25 2021  7:54pm     Sun (Sco) Tri (Can) Moon
(Tue) Oct 26 2021  4:21am    Moon (Can) Inc (Aqu) Saturn
(Tue) Oct 26 2021  6:08am    Moon (Can) BQn [Sag] S.Node
(Tue) Oct 26 2021  9:33am    Moon (Can) Squ [Ari] Chiron
(Tue) Oct 26 2021  4:36pm    Moon (Can) Sex [Tau] Uranus
(Tue) Oct 26 2021  6:05pm   Venus (Sag) Squ [Pis] Neptune
(Tue) Oct 26 2021 10:09pm    Moon (Can) Squ (Lib) Mercury
(Tue) Oct 26 2021 11:15pm    Moon (Can) BQn (Aqu) Jupiter
(Wed) Oct 27 2021  7:47am    Moon (Can) Tri [Pis] Neptune
(Wed) Oct 27 2021  9:03am    Moon (Can) Inc (Sag) Venus
(Wed) Oct 27 2021 11:15am    Moon (Can) Inc (Aqu) Jupiter
(Wed) Oct 27 2021  3:07pm    Moon (Can) Opp (Cap) Pluto
(Wed) Oct 27 2021  4:29pm    Moon (Can) Qui [Tau] Uranus
(Wed) Oct 27 2021 10:01pm    Moon (Can) BQn (Sag) Venus
(Wed) Oct 27 2021 11:01pm    Moon (Can) Squ (Lib) Mars

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