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Tuesday December 06, 2022

Dec 06 	St. Nicholas' Day
Dec 06 	Independence Day in Finland
Dec 06 	Samich Laus brewing
Dec 06 	First sound recording made by Thomas Edison, 1877
Dec 06 	The Rolling Stones play Altamont Speedway near San Francisco, 1969
Dec 06 	London becomes the world's first city with motorised cabs, 1897
Dec 07 	Delaware Day in Delaware
Dec 07 	Independence Day in Ivory Coast, Panama
Dec 07 	Prophet Mohammed's Birthday in Fiji
Dec 07 	Harry Chapin is born in New York City, 1942
Dec 07 	Bernardo Pasquini is born in Tuscany, Italy, 1637
Dec 07 	Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, 1941

I just need enough to tide me over until I need more.
		-- Bill Hoest

Discordian:  Today is Setting Orange,the 48th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3188

On Tuesday 2022-12-6 at San Francisco, CA 94109 (37N47 122W25)
Time of sunrise is  7:11 am PST
Time of sunset  is  4:51 pm PST
(See Planetary Hours for more locations)

Ephemeris Times are PST (GMT-0800)
(Mon) Dec  5 2022  2:20am     Sun (Sag) Inc [Tau] Node
(Mon) Dec  5 2022  4:37am    Moon (Tau) Con [Tau] Node
(Mon) Dec  5 2022  4:49am     Sun (Sag) Inc (Tau) Moon
(Mon) Dec  5 2022  9:37am    Moon (Tau) Con [Tau] Uranus
(Mon) Dec  5 2022  3:05pm    Moon (Tau) BQn (Sag) Venus
(Mon) Dec  5 2022  5:53pm    Moon (Tau) Squ (Aqu) Saturn
(Mon) Dec  5 2022 10:36pm    Moon (Tau) Sex (Pis) Neptune
(Mon) Dec  5 2022 11:04pm Mercury (Sag) Squ (Pis) Jupiter
(Mon) Dec  5 2022 11:26pm    Moon (Tau) BQn (Sag) Mercury
(Tue) Dec  6 2022  3:54am    Moon (Tau) Inc (Sag) Venus
(Tue) Dec  6 2022  6:50am    Moon (Tau) Tri (Cap) Pluto
(Tue) Dec  6 2022 11:01am    Moon (Tau) Sex (Pis) Jupiter
(Tue) Dec  6 2022 12:37pm    Moon (Tau) Inc (Sag) Mercury
(Tue) Dec  6 2022 12:48pm    Moon (Tau) --> Gemini
(Tue) Dec  6 2022  2:07pm Mercury (Sag) --> Capricorn
(Tue) Dec  6 2022  9:50pm    Moon (Gem) Qui (Pis) Neptune
(Wed) Dec  7 2022 10:29am    Moon (Gem) Qui (Pis) Jupiter
(Wed) Dec  7 2022 12:17pm    Moon (Gem) Sex [Ari] Chiron
(Wed) Dec  7 2022  2:30pm    Moon (Gem) Inc [Sco] S.Node
(Wed) Dec  7 2022  2:34pm     Sun (Sag) Inc [Tau] Uranus
(Wed) Dec  7 2022  8:07pm     Sun (Sag) Opp (Gem) Moon (Full Moon)
(Wed) Dec  7 2022  8:18pm    Moon (Gem) Con [Gem] Mars
(Wed) Dec  7 2022  9:41pm     Sun (Sag) Opp [Gem] Mars
(Thu) Dec  8 2022  2:15am    Moon (Gem) BQn [Sco] S.Node
(Thu) Dec  8 2022  4:41am    Moon (Gem) Tri (Aqu) Saturn
(Thu) Dec  8 2022  5:52am    Moon (Gem) BQn (Cap) Pluto
(Thu) Dec  8 2022  9:12am    Moon (Gem) Squ (Pis) Neptune
(Thu) Dec  8 2022 11:56am    Moon (Gem) Qui [Ari] Chiron
(Thu) Dec  8 2022  5:48pm    Moon (Gem) Inc (Cap) Pluto
(Thu) Dec  8 2022  9:28pm    Moon (Gem) Opp (Sag) Venus
(Thu) Dec  8 2022 10:13pm    Moon (Gem) Squ (Pis) Jupiter
(Thu) Dec  8 2022 11:48pm    Moon (Gem) --> Cancer
(Fri) Dec  9 2022  4:54am   Venus (Sag) Squ (Pis) Jupiter
(Fri) Dec  9 2022  7:54am    Moon (Can) Opp (Cap) Mercury
(Fri) Dec  9 2022  7:53pm   Venus (Sag) --> Capricorn
(Fri) Dec  9 2022 11:50pm    Moon (Can) Squ [Ari] Chiron

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