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Thursday December 07, 2023

Dec 07 	Delaware Day in Delaware
Dec 07 	Independence Day in Ivory Coast, Panama
Dec 07 	Prophet Mohammed's Birthday in Fiji
Dec 07 	Harry Chapin is born in New York City, 1942
Dec 07 	Bernardo Pasquini is born in Tuscany, Italy, 1637
Dec 07 	Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, 1941
Dec 08 	Mother's Day in Panama
Dec 08 	Blessing of the Water in Uruguay
Dec 08 	Our Lady of the Cacupe in Paraguay
Dec 08 	Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus) born in Venosa (Italy), 65 BC
Dec 08 	James (Grover) Thurber born in Columbus, Ohio, 1894
Dec 08 	First Ph.D. awarded by Computer Science Dept, Univ. of Penna, 1965
Dec 08 	Jim Morrison is born in Melbourne, Florida, 1943
Dec 08 	John Lennon is shot and killed in New York City, 1980
Dec 08 	Jean Sibelius is born in Hameenlinna, Finland, 1865
Dec 08 	Romanian Constitution is adopted in a referendum, 1991

The primary requisite for any new tax law is for it to exempt enough
voters to win the next election.

Discordian:  Today is Sweetmorn,the 49th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3189

On Thursday 2023-12-7 at San Francisco, CA 94109 (37N47 122W25)
Time of sunrise is  7:12 am PST
Time of sunset  is  4:51 pm PST
(See Planetary Hours for more locations)

Ephemeris Times are PST (GMT-0800)
(Wed) Dec  6 2023  5:21am Neptune (Pis) S/D
(Wed) Dec  6 2023  5:49am    Moon (Vir) Tri (Cap) Pluto
(Wed) Dec  6 2023  8:34am    Moon (Vir) --> Libra
(Wed) Dec  6 2023  7:59pm    Moon (Lib) Squ (Cap) Mercury
(Thu) Dec  7 2023  3:15am    Moon (Lib) Sex (Sag) Mars
(Thu) Dec  7 2023  3:36pm     Sun (Sag) Sex (Lib) Moon
(Thu) Dec  7 2023  3:39pm    Moon (Lib) Opp [Ari] Chiron
(Thu) Dec  7 2023  4:11pm     Sun (Sag) Tri [Ari] Chiron
(Thu) Dec  7 2023  8:08pm Mercury (Cap) Tri [Tau] Jupiter
(Fri) Dec  8 2023  7:24am    Moon (Lib) Con [Lib] S.Node
(Fri) Dec  8 2023  5:04pm    Moon (Lib) Squ (Cap) Pluto
(Fri) Dec  8 2023  7:34pm    Moon (Lib) --> Scorpio
(Fri) Dec  8 2023 10:33pm    Moon (Sco) Tri (Pis) Saturn
(Sat) Dec  9 2023  6:23am    Moon (Sco) Con (Sco) Venus
(Sat) Dec  9 2023  7:41am    Moon (Sco) Opp [Tau] Jupiter
(Sat) Dec  9 2023  9:46am    Moon (Sco) Sex (Cap) Mercury
(Sat) Dec  9 2023  7:34pm   Venus (Sco) Opp [Tau] Jupiter
(Sun) Dec 10 2023  9:02am    Moon (Sco) Opp [Tau] Uranus
(Sun) Dec 10 2023  5:58pm    Moon (Sco) Tri (Pis) Neptune

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