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Saturday August 17, 2019

Aug 17 	Independence Day in Indonesia
Aug 17 	Anniversary of the Death of General San Martin in Argentina
Aug 17 	Mae West born, 1892/93
Aug 17 	MD5 collision found by Chinese researchers, 2004
Aug 17 	Robert Russell Bennett dies, 1981
Aug 17 	Indonesian Declaration of Independence, 1945
Aug 17 	First public bath opened in N.Y., 1891
Aug 18 	Meriwether Lewis born, 1774
Aug 18 	Antonio Salieri is born in Legnago, Italy, 1750
Aug 18 	Power blackout on Java, Indonesia, affects almost
	100 million people, 2005
Aug 18 	Anti-Cigarette League of America formed

How doth the VAX's C-compiler
Improve its object code.
And even as we speak does it
Increase the system load.

How patiently it seems to run
And spit out error flags,
While users, with frustration, all
Tear all their clothes to rags.

Discordian:  Today is Prickle-Prickle,the 10th day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3185

On Saturday 2019-8-17 at San Francisco, CA 94109 (37N47 122W25)
Time of sunrise is  6:27 am PDT
Time of sunset  is  8:00 pm PDT
(See Planetary Hours for more locations)

Ephemeris Times are PDT (GMT-0700)
(Fri) Aug 16 2019  2:30am     Sun (Leo) BQn [Cap] S.Node
(Fri) Aug 16 2019 10:07am Mercury (Leo) Squ [Tau] Uranus
(Fri) Aug 16 2019 10:10am    Moon (Pis) Sex [Tau] Uranus
(Fri) Aug 16 2019 10:11am    Moon (Pis) Inc (Leo) Mercury
(Fri) Aug 16 2019  8:04pm    Mars (Leo) BQn [Ari] Chiron
(Sat) Aug 17 2019 12:12am    Moon (Pis) BQn (Leo) Mercury
(Sat) Aug 17 2019  2:17am    Moon (Pis) Squ (Sag) Jupiter
(Sat) Aug 17 2019  2:35am    Moon (Pis) Sex [Cap] Saturn
(Sat) Aug 17 2019  7:28am    Moon (Pis) Tri [Can] Node
(Sat) Aug 17 2019  9:07am    Moon (Pis) Con [Pis] Neptune
(Sat) Aug 17 2019  3:34pm    Moon (Pis) Sex [Cap] Pluto
(Sat) Aug 17 2019 10:17pm    Mars (Leo) --> Virgo
(Sat) Aug 17 2019 11:31pm     Sun (Leo) Inc (Pis) Moon
(Sun) Aug 18 2019  2:01am    Moon (Pis) Inc (Leo) Venus
(Sun) Aug 18 2019  2:47am    Moon (Pis) Qui [Cap] Saturn
(Sun) Aug 18 2019  7:31am    Moon (Pis) Qui [Cap] S.Node
(Sun) Aug 18 2019  9:32am    Moon (Pis) --> Aries
(Sun) Aug 18 2019 10:10am    Moon (Ari) Inc (Vir) Mars
(Sun) Aug 18 2019 12:43pm     Sun (Leo) BQn (Ari) Moon
(Sun) Aug 18 2019  3:33pm    Moon (Ari) BQn (Leo) Venus
(Sun) Aug 18 2019  3:47pm    Moon (Ari) Qui [Cap] Pluto
(Sun) Aug 18 2019  5:46pm   Venus (Leo) BQn [Cap] Pluto
(Sun) Aug 18 2019  8:07pm    Moon (Ari) Con [Ari] Chiron
(Sun) Aug 18 2019 10:57pm    Moon (Ari) BQn (Vir) Mars
(Mon) Aug 19 2019  8:40am    Moon (Ari) Tri (Leo) Mercury
(Mon) Aug 19 2019  2:10pm Mercury (Leo) BQn [Pis] Neptune
(Mon) Aug 19 2019  2:55pm    Moon (Ari) Squ [Cap] Saturn
(Mon) Aug 19 2019  2:57pm    Moon (Ari) Tri (Sag) Jupiter
(Mon) Aug 19 2019  7:25pm    Moon (Ari) Squ [Can] Node
(Tue) Aug 20 2019  2:01am     Sun (Leo) BQn [Cap] Pluto
(Tue) Aug 20 2019  3:52am    Moon (Ari) Squ [Cap] Pluto
(Tue) Aug 20 2019 10:24am   Venus (Leo) BQn [Ari] Chiron
(Tue) Aug 20 2019  5:00pm     Sun (Leo) Tri (Ari) Moon
(Tue) Aug 20 2019  9:06pm    Moon (Ari) Tri (Leo) Venus
(Tue) Aug 20 2019  9:36pm    Moon (Ari) --> Taurus

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